Our taps, sink strainers and water traps aren't just practical plumbing. The taps come in different styles to help you give your bathroom the look you want. They also save you money. Each has an aerator inside that mixes in air, so you use up to 50% less water and less electricity to heat it.

Table Talk Basin

In order to retain our goodwill in this industry, we are providing a qualitative array of Table Top Wash Basin.

Wall Hung WC

If you’re looking to keep your bathroom clean while saving precious floor space, you’re not alone. Especially in small bathrooms and powder rooms, square footage is a precious commodity. we provide space-saving solutions that are easy to clean.


The versatile and extensive range of ANUPAM stainless steel sinks reflects the differing lifestyles in every kitchen, accompanied with the proper faucet, or an elegant cooker hood and hob. Elegant yet stylish and indispensable designs of kitchen and bathroom products combine the highest quality and distinctive design offered at reasonable prices, covering the needs of the most demanding customer.

Important Designing Basin

Our Stylish wash basins are specially designed to add a touch of sophistication and dash of glamour to your bathing spaces. We offer wash bowls, built-in wash basins and wall-mounted wash basins for your bathrooms.

Important Tiles

Steward Waterless urinals provide significant value to the customer by reducing water, sewage and maintenance costs. Waterless urinals can save 40,000 gallons of water per fixture per year, based upon a typical commercial installation.